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Facility Management

Already during the planning process the most important decisions are made for an economical success of your building construction project.

During the lifecycle of your building the sum of operating costs, refurbishment and modernization expenses will exceed the construction costs multiple times.

All costs must be transparent and every time available. Cost reductions during the erection process having direct influence on the expected operating cost and can be a danger for the economic success of your intention.

Active property management starts together with the first planning idea for a building. An economic view for all life periods must accompany the concept for the building. The complete energy concept should be early reviewed and optimized by an independent consultant. Facility Management is the consideration, analysis and optimization of all cost-producing processes of a property, a building or of other services in a company that are not part of its core business. Our services are provided by many high motivated, skilled and smart persons. Specialists from all FM areas developing for you and your property a complete service- and performance offer, that starts already during the layout planning with a complete energy- and operator-concept. Questions for example regarding Security, BMS, Catering or operating costs will be ventilated with client, user, technical and juridical experts. The agreed concept will be realized -conducted or companioned by iFMA with classical operational FM service provider. For our clients we are steering this process in the context of tender processes. The realization and implementation of the strategy we developed for the client will be supervised by using monitoring and controlling tools.

Energy Management

For all questions regarding possibilities of energy cost savings, please do not hesitate to contact us. With our long experience, we show you contractual, organizational and technical improvement potentials.

Based on our contract with you, we will investigate individually with you agreed areas and aspects. IF you have been invoiced energy-and operating-costs for more than 20k € per year, it is worth getting in contact with us.

Energy Purchasing

The energy supply Of building with heating, cooling and electrical power is cost- and work intensive. Often it is necessary to make bigger investments into the technical facilities to reach a reduction in energy consumption and to fulfill technical and statutory requirements.

Furthermore you need considerable human resources – for example to run the facilities, for meter readings or for maintenance and repair work.

During an agreed contract period, we deliver our clients with energy and take care on operation, maintenance, repair and energy accounting.

Technical Building Equipment

Our team of technicians, technical planners and facility managers reviews and modifies the technical building equipment and facilities. Especially the changes to existing plants need a lot of experience that we utilize for our clients.

Beside the installation, of course the maintenance of systems (HVAC, sprinklers, access control etc) is a major operating cost size. For building and facilities manager we develop convenient contract and conduct tender processes to get the appropriate maintenance service provider.

Operating Costs

News about permanent increasing energy prices is just one of the problems, managers of building and facilities have to deal with. Also creeping cost increase for maintenance or for building services is burdening the budgets.

We review your existing contracts with service providers and vendors and identify for you costs saving possibilities. A comparison with existing values provides you with orientation for a validation of your own costs.

In a dialog with you we develop solutions to decrease or define a cap for expenses – no matter if it for your energy purchasing, for your heating costs or your service contracts.

We are delighted to compile an offer for you. For this it is necessary to get your contract and billing details. Those will be treated very confidential, of course.
Our fee can be agreed as a lump sum or success-related. Please do not hesitate to address this to us.

Your contact: Mr. Schmikale