The Contracting idea

The realization of energy projects fails often because there not enough financial resources for the development of cost saving possibilities. Contracting is the topic for various kinds of energy and heating services that are used for efficiency improvements of energy changers.

Contracting means the outplacement of service regarding energy supply and energy provision (heating cooling , light) to us as contractor . Our business unit Contracting deals with energy management and the purchasing of energy for large, special properties and for building societies. In Most cases we sign contracts for electrical power, district heat but also for cooling and lighting. For example, we developed an innovative model the “LTU ARENA” in Dusseldorf regarding the delivery of gas, electricity, cooling and district heat.

Cogeneration plants (CHP plants)

Cogeneration plants are one the most efficient  possibilities to change combustibles like natural or liquid gas into usable energy (energy conversion efficiency more than 90%). A CHP plant produces heating and electrical power that can be used for industry business enterprises and in for private homes.

Using and adsorption cooling sytem, the heat can  be used for chilling as well, which increases the profitability, too. A higher rate of return can be reached by an integration into the regular energy market.

Heat Energy Contracting

In case of short financial resources, iFMA can invest Into the latest technologies and delivers the heat free to the door. This guarantees the realization of an ecological and economical energy concept for the profit of building owners and users.

iFMA® investments are:

a) Latest plant technology
b) Economical heating technology
c) Effective measure technology
d) Safe plant operation
e) Building management system
f) Communikjation system

The price for heating consists of a) basic price b) measure price c) working price.

The basic price includes maintenance cost, chimney sweeper fee, costs for telecommunication, emergency services, electrical power and for investments, for energy analysis and energy controlling.

The measure price includes the costs for the installation of  the measure units for heating and hot water, calibration fee, changing fee (measure units) etc.

The working price includes the energy purchasing costs. The usage will be measured in megawatts and the billing will be Euro/MWh effective each 31.12.

The price for heating energy will be modified by the price adjustment clause (Federal Office of Statistics) or by the external market conditions. Therefore our energy billing is for clients easy, transparent and comprehensible.


Cooling Contracting

Contracting is an economica lintereting alternative for a realisation of a combined cooling heating and power project. The contractor is taking over the planning and the investment, the operation and all tasks related to the plant. Supported by a CHP plant the profitability can be significant increase, if cooling will be generated from the heat and the operating hours can be essential increased.

Your profit of using a combined cooling-heating-power plant for your air conditioning is to stop an increase of your electricy bill caused by additional cooling units. Your CHP plant covers the base load for your heating and cooling whilst the production of electrical power.

Lighting Contracting

For the development of an individual lightning concept it is necessary to have a high level of technical creativity and practical experience. Sustainability and energy saving are today parts of a professional lightning planning as well as the specific usage of lighting systems.

We developing and realisiing tailor made lightning concepts for industry, business public buildings (shopping malls, hospitals, gymnasiums etc.) together with our strategic partner companies.