The Company

Our Philosophy

Our clients having high expectation and therefore they are with their wishes and requirements in the focus of our activities. Our fundamental pillars are autonomy, reliability, high quality of our services and affinity to our clients. As an independent and autonomy company we are since 1996 neither merchants nor producers bounded.

To fulfill our high ambitions we are 365 day and 24 hours available for our clients.
Having more than 30 years’ experience we are the experts for modern and ecofriendly business and energy concepts. Our clients appreciate us as experienced service-provider as we emphasize partnership, adherence to schedules and continuity.  We finalize your tasks fast and safe as we know that service is a matter of trust.

Our focus is on individual client solutions. Therefore our understanding is to be a personal service provider onsite.

During the partnership, issue-specific qualified Energy Managers are individual points of contact and companions.  Under the topic “Decentralized Electrical Power Production with CHP (Combined Heating and Power Station)” Energy Specialist finding optimal and individual solutions for our clients.

Our lean, modern and flexible management structure, keep your energy costs low.
We espouse sustainable environmental protection and support the initiative for decentralized electrical power production by Installation of CHPs  (Combined Heating and Power Stations).

The Company

iFMA® GmbH is an independent consultancy from  Berlin for national and international clients.

Within our business portfolio we unite commercial, architectural, energy-economical and technical services focused on our clients’ wishes.

From our conviction to keep the real estate costs for owner and user of a property as low as possible, we integrate in our planning an ecological building automation, a keen energy purchase and a user friendly operating cost management system.

Furthermore already during the planning phase, we simulate and optimize the future operations flow. As a client you’ll get an integrated complete for your building that will bring you an essential quality improvement of your business processes. Together with our partner, we are as big as you need us to be.

Stadiums and Arenas

We are happy to share with our clients our experience regarding large-scale stadium projects. Financing models, Business Marketing, Organizational Procedures of events regarding security and logistic in arenas and stadiums are part of a holistic property management as well as the reduction of operational costs and the maintenance of building technology. To identify how far we can develop your individual solution we appreciate to discuss in a personal interview. In longstanding partnerships, iFMA did multiple planning for the construction and the running of stadiums and multifunctional arenas. The specific experience in such kind of large-scale projects helps or clients to reach their objectives. Special focus on a holistic Facility Management is on a cost oriented building and event management. Project financing, layout, technical building equipment and the Facility Management contribute their part to achieve the objectives. Our activities for our clients can be consulting, operating or controlling. We are calculating operational concepts, validating and predicting operational cost, developing event scenarios or processing rfps to find the most applicable service providers for the property. We negotiating contracts, energy-prices and other service contracts. Together with competent partner companies we are also structure the running of the building (Catering, Security, Cleaning, Maintenance, PPM, IT-Technology etc.)

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Photos Champions League Final June 6, 2015 in Berlin

Our Success: A case study

Energy consulting and energy cost savings  for a commercial property in Berlin-Mitte. Circa 10.000 sqm. Erected 1989

The savings were generated in the 2nd year after implementation of the measures without any investments.

The measure catalogue identifies saving amounts incl. VAT:

  1. Plausibility check of all heating consumers, payback for overpaid heating invoices: Achieved savings: 194,000 € onetime
  2. Alternative concept to the planned humidification:
    Achieved investment savings: 180,000 € onetime
  3. Check content of the technical building management contract
    Achieved savings: 30,000 € per year
  4. Review of energy  supply contracts
    Achieved savings: 126,000 € per year
  5. Heating supply contract optimized
    Achieved savings: 13,000 € per year
  6. Cooling supply contract optimized
    Achieved savings: 15,000 € per year
  7. Review of all maintenance contract.
    Achieved savings until today: 6,000 €
  8. Contract modification to get VAT reimbursement
    Achieved savings: 25,000 € per year
  9. Fit-out changes to optimize fire-protection and BMS systems
    Achieved savings: 26,000 €

Total sum of achieved savings: 615,000 €